Creative Summer School

The Art of Creative Leadership was the topic at the Haniel Creative Summer School by the European University Viadrina. It was created with the purpose of giving future leaders another set of knowledge and methodology in creativity, sustainability and leadership.

The basic question was how creativity could be taught to future leaders and how their ideas could be translated into tangible and sustainable innovation.

Many great minds were involved at various stages of dialogue on the given matter, and soon the possibility of offering a summer school on creative leadership was at hand. The project developed rapidly, and with each step forward, each new “co-creator” won for the project, it became even more interesting than the original concept intended.

The Creative Leadership model soon become synonymous with practice, and the very manner in which the event was organized, and the styles of the many leaders, were appreciatively combined giving rise to a holistic approach that in itself defines the very character of the creative leadership. The whole planning of the event became an evolutionary process of collective thought which gave substance and form to our ideas.

1. The involvement of the ideas of many, among them artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and beneficiaries,
2. The common vision: creating an educational product, which would set a milestone in the fields of Leadership Education and Sustainability,
3. The given tools: the financing provided by the Haniel Foundation and the infrastructure of the university,
4. The inclusion and development of the skills of combined potentials,
5. All came together to the creation of a product: The Haniel Creative Summer School on “The Art of Creative Leadership”

We want to thank all the Co-Creators: Thomas Herpich, Ian Antonio Patterson, Hans-Georg Lilge, Sebastian Straube, Erik Malchow, Danny Pajak, Julia Butter, Anna-Lena Schneider and Paul Trommer – our Jogi.

Furthermore this project would not have been possible without the financial support by the Haniel-Foundation and Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner, from the European University Viadrina.

We also like to express our Thank to the Master of the Europäische Akademie & Collegium Wartinum Dr. jur., Dr. sc.pol. Hans-Joachim Mengel, LL.M (Yale) who was a big support.

Read the working paper on “The Art of Creative Leadership”