Event Photography Berlinale

Eventphotography Berlinale NATIVe

I was invited to document the NATIVe program of “Berlinale”. The section of the the 65th International Festival of Cinema was all about indigenous movies from Latin America. Among our guests were many inspiring storytellers and characters. One of them is Vincent Carelli (below) who is a Brazilian producer fighting discrimination of the indigenous people with the power of media. With “video in the villages” he created a workshop series which turns video into a tool for the indigenous community to preserve their culture, which lives in their stories. They provide the equipment needed and discuss in local and national workshops the way to present their reality. That approach is so successful that four movies produced by him were selected to be shown in this years program. It is interesting to see, how the indigenous themselves tell their story and capture their culture in images. I was thankful for all the images I was shown and able to capture myself of this years Berlinale.