Headshots for actors

The headshot is one of the most important tools for actors to get exposure and attract the right jobs. It is the main tool to get in front of casting directors. They should want to bring you in, after seeing a few of your shots. Your headshots should make the Caster say: “Yes, thats the one.”

To achieve this goal, there are a few suggestions:

1. Invest in yourself and a professional photographer, who knows how to handle facial expressions, light and makes a living from taking headshots. Save your friend who has a camera for your instagram feed later. A Pro headshot is the best chance you have and people will see the difference. A good headshot session starts at 500€ but can go up to 1.000€ or more depending on how many images you´ll need in the end.

2. Stay authentic. The focus should be on you, your facial characteristics and your expression without too much distraction. Your headshot is not about that hip outfit or glamorous accessoires. So you can show who you are, let others take it from there.