Love yourself – Mrs. Stereochemistry

“I believe there is a never-ending joy at the bottom of every single soul here. A kind of joy that is not influenced by the mutability and the constant turn-over of this beautiful, messy, ever-changing physical reality. This joy can be found by falling in love with the change and mutability themselves. By loving the process rather then only the aim, regardless of its circumstances we often end up holding on to. By finding the love and truth within your own self, before trying to love anyone else. That beautiful person inside of you is the only one that will always be beside you, and the only one you can control.

Loving yourself has nothing to do with egoism. It means loving your own evolution, your own inner being and the fact that you are free to experiment with it and make the most beautiful wonder out of it, you, alone, through everything the life offers you.

Happiness and freedom join us when we learn to let ourselves go.”

Karla Stereochemistry


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