Master Ha

Master Ha Tae-Woong is a Martial Artist from Seoul, South Korea who teaches Nahlsom Martial Arts. It is not only an art of weaponless defense, but a severe training for the mind and body. When I was working with him on these images in the royal Palaces in Seoul, I also accompanied him to visit to his classes and spoke to one of his clients. When I asked the pupil, why he wants to learn to Martial-Arts, he said “to be able to protect my loved one”. But I think there is more reason to it than the visible. Master Ha invited me to stay for more time and become his pupil too, that was 6 years ago. But until today I am thinking about to return and accept his offer. Learning Martial Arts seems to be an interesting and also challenging way to go, combining the perfection in movement and kindness in thought. Although I know, that my kind of art is a visual one of aesthetic and reason.