Hey everyone

I'm Alex, media is my playground.

At heart, I'm an artist; this identity fuels my passion and grants me the freedom to immerse myself in projects that truly captivate me. My journey, however, isn't just defined by art. I hold a degree in Business Administration and have spent several years contributing to academia, sharing and expanding my knowledge at the university.

This year marks a dual celebration for me – 15 incredible years of running a creative studio in Berlin and 20 years of being a proud 'Solopreneur' in Germany. These milestones reflect my journey of blending artistic vision with entrepreneurial spirit.

What keeps me energized? It's the simple pleasures – leisurely walks with my faithful dog, capturing life's diverse moments through my camera lens, and the thrill of brainstorming ideas and watching them unfold, one step at a time. It's this blend of creativity, exploration, and practical execution that I bring to every project and every client.

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