Norwegian Constitution Day – Hyllestad

200 years of Norway! A special day that was celebrated in all the country. I spent the Norwegian National Day in Hyllestad. And when I first saw the parade coming down the road I was promptly getting into my photographic autopilot. Though I did forget I had no trekking shoes on anymore and slided down the small hill. Well it did not keep me from capturing some of the beautiful dressed people of the parade. Traditional clothes, red and blue ribbons are a must have. After the official part everyone met for food and games in the local school. The community organised a nice program for young and old. Hipp Hurra Norway!

Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_01 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_02 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_03 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_04 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_05 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_06 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_07 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_08 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_09 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_10 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_11 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_12 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_13 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_14 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_15 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_16 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_17 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_18 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_19 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_20 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_21 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_22 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_23 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_24 Norwegian_Constitution_Day_2014_25