Office Portrait: Friendsurance

The founders at friendsurance know about the impact of images. Providing a visual insight into their Start-up powers their team building & recruiting process, but also helps to build trust online. Trust is a major topic in their market: insurances. Well, of course as in the Start-up world you take a classical product and give it the PLUS X. After four years the founders Tim, Janis and Sebastian found their perfect X (after some time in the labyrinth of product design) and are now offering insurance upgrades which result in premium paybacks. Sounds unreal or? Well for a typical german household it is a great relief. Because in Germany there are insurances for almost everything. People love to have insurances and so they will soon all know friendsurance.

Eirill Eckbo, responsible for the companies HR, commissioned my work for vivid and authentic office portraits, showing the workplace, the atmosphere and the team spirit. We did not want to stage or direct too much. Just work with the light, the everyday work-scenes and the ambience. We wanted to create natural images, which communicate the Office Lifestyle of friendsurance.

And as for the people working there – I hope they enjoyed the little extra attention.