Oliver Rednitz, Jesus loves you.

Oliver loves you 2

karneval-der-kulturen-04---558web“JESUS LOVES YOU” – Oliver O. Rednitz´s street-art campaign has been seen in Berlin and other metropolis all over the world since more then 12 years.  He hang posters, made postcards and printed t-shirts – which even the Dalai Lama was showing on air. Since 2004 his work was fasci­nat­ing me – when I first saw his postcard at the “carnival of cultures” and captured a moment that spoke imme­di­ately to me. Though under­stand­ing its true meaning, is a life-quest. He has been mak­ing peo­ple happy and aware of love through his posters and messages in the urban sphere. All that is only, because it communicates with all. Nothing is at its own, everything becomes its existence in the other. If you ever wondered, who is the artist? I have invited him for a pro-bono portrait session, to say thank you and to finally meet him in person. Here is the result.

Oliver Rednitz, I love me Oliver Rednitz, Buddha loves you.

Oliver Rednitz, JESUS LOVES YOU