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How to do “portrait photography”

Everybody loves to take pictures of his family, friends and beloved ones. At least for me this was the great driving force when I re-started my ambition to to photographies. As more and more people discover photography as their favourite hobby it should also increase the quality of our portraits and the skill of using the camera, the sun and one own empathy. This little guide is thought to give you some thoughts on portrait photography and how you can take better photos, with little effort.

1. If there is sunlight – go outside! Thats the most beautiful light source you can get. If not find a strong enough light-source.

2. On a bright day, place your model in the shadow of a tree, a wall or a building, so it´s possible to open the eyes and smile at the camera!

3. Keep distance to backgrounds and use low F-numbers (F 2.8 for a single person, F 5.6 for a group) for a nice, soft blur behind but yet sharp eyes and lips on your model.

4. If its too dark, you can use a reflector, or build your own with white styrofoam or anything that reflects the light. It´s great when you have assistance, place the light source in the back of your model and the reflector to your side, catching the light back to the model.

5. Relax your model, make them forget its a photo they are posing for, find your own way of being you and being natural. Thats the best way for the model to feel comfortable.

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment.

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