Book: Amazing Azores (72 pages)


Amazing Azores, if you love nature and trekking, enjoy lonely paths through green mountains or climbing the highest peak in Portugal the Azores Archipel is a worth to look at destination. You can start easy and get inspired by following my travels from Sao Miguel to the other islands Terceira, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial. Five of the seven islands, which belong to the volcanic islands of the Azores. A place that is also believed to be the location of “Atlantis”…

In wonderful emotionally portraits and inviting landscapes you can follow the travels of Alexander Klebe, who spent 5 weeks backpacking on the Azores.

ORDER your hardcover version of the “Amazing Azores” photo book by Alexander Klebe. You can also choose to pick-up your copy personally in Berlin.

(compass, camera and travel guide are not included but can be provided.)

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