Umweltfotofestival Zingst

The people at Epson called me one morning, bringing me the great news: They have selected my image “Berlin on ice” for their Digigraphie gallery at the Fotofestival in Zingst. I was surprised, but then realised that it was a great opportunity to visit the Baltic sea and the photographic community at the same time. So we went up north and enjoyed the sea breeze and the many great nature photographs exhibited all around the village and even on the beach. The setting was perfect for the many workshops and shows, giving ideal input for the many creative eyes that gathered together. In some magazines it was described as the Mekka for nature photographers, and when I saw the many amazing images I was in awe. The images of volcanos, storms and caves by Carsten Peter at the beach of Zingst left me without words. The cruelty and beauty of our planet in evolving, destroying and recreating is amazing and “we” as nature photographers have the honour (and many times pain) to capture it. But seeing these exhibitions, it´s worth every bit of it.