Ads for Wirkaufens (2012)

A dream of every creator became true with the TV-campaign for Wirkaufens. The challenge was to create a mascot that visu­ally depicts the essence of the brand’s val­ues: fast, safe and sim­ple.

Not a daily task, but so interesting that the creation itself is a mighty story of 9.

6 mighty players from the creative scene and 3 great masterminds from the realm of wirkaufens created the ultimate & timeless super hero.

Here is “Digi” a fresh and agile lit­tle robot. He is one of the most tech-loving robots known to Earth, and that’s exactly why he loves to work for Wirkaufens, gath­er­ing all of those lit­tle elec­tronic gad­gets, and giv­ing them a new life.

Making of Digi

directed by Julian Graf
drawn by Konrad Fitz
animated by Leszek Plichta
voice Marc Siegert
sound mixing Fabian G. Knof
produced by Alexander Klebe