Colombia Calling

a visual documentary in the steep hills of the cauca valley, vast woods of the Tayrona National Park, tiny fisher villages on the pacific and atlantic coast and big city views. Colombia as it is breathing and breathtaking. A place of exciting wilderness and smooth landscapes. The above photos have been made during several months in 2013 travelling and living in various places. Most of them are not exactly tourist spots and off-track for most travellers in Colombia. I like these alternative ways to get to know a country, far away from hotels or so called hotspots.

My favourite spot was a small village in the mountains of Cali, where I spent almost two months.

Here is an excerpt from my travel diaries:

“Today in the morning the light was getting really interesting within minutes and I went out for few shots before breakfast. Thats the big advantage about living close to nature. After having spent almost three weeks here close to a village which is just called “El 30″ I am getting the feeling of being somehow home so far away from where I was originally born. The flows of the mountain rivers sounds the same, although we never made even it to the close river, all day long we have been painting and finally are finishing the biggest of the five canvas´ tonight. The last days have been going fast and only by the advances we made with the paintings, we realised that we have been here for quite some time now.”


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