McLeodGanj, Little Tibet

Little Tibet

The ancient teachings of PADMASAMBHAVA from the 8th century say:

“When the birds of iron fly and the horse runs on wheels, Tibet will be smashed. The tibetans will spread out like ants into the world. And the teachings of Buddha will be entering into the west.” 

Today McLeodGanj, a suburb of Dharamsala in the north of India, is the seat of the tibetan government in exile, where the 14th Dalai Lama established his private residence after fleeing from Tibet in 1959. Many tibetans followed him and live in this magical village above the clouds. At least for a while before looking for a place to go. The world has open arms and a lot of opportunities. Still the fate of their home is of big interest for most of them. So Tibetans rally, volunteer, inspire others to volunteer and rally. Many voices speak for Tibet and many others listen. This is their vehicle. And patience their greatest strength.