People & Portrait

Since I began with photography 15 years ago portraits remained one of my favorite disciplines. It is always an amazing opportunity to meet new people and be thankful for all the trust in these encounters. The inner shine makes portraits so beautiful and engaging. It is a pleasure to turn a smile into a timeless image and appreciate these moments of timelessness.

Some people believe that a photo takes away a part of their soul – I think it is true. But it also helps your soul to travel much further and talks any language. The open energy transmitted in these moments of reflection have to be handled with great care and focus. I am a person of the moment, which means the joy of getting to know and explore the other person is real – because we just met.

But don’t worry my photography sessions usually start with a talk. If you have an NGO or are an individual working in the field of human rights and/or peace-keeping – please let me know. I  am doing selected pro-bono projects, when my schedule allows. If you  like to get your image captured. Get in touch and let me know what you have in mind and need and I will give you an estimation.