I traveled five weeks in South Korea: From Seoul to Gangjin and JeJu-Do. Three destination that could be no more different.

The Megacity of Seoul with its many different faces. The symbiosis of the new and the old. Temples, royal palaces and skyscrapers side by side. Hidden in the centre a small artificial river, where one finds a refreshing bath. Around the corner shopping streets and the monastery for an after work meditation or some martial arts. Some grocery shopping for the ones who go home and for the many others who stay in the city the Jim-Jil-Bang, to spent the night in the hot bath.

The quiet countryside of Gangjin. Monasteries, the pure oneness of nature and people. Monks, old philosophers and their mountain walks. Fresh air, breathing in deep. Getting up early. Sleeping meditation.

Jeju-Do a romantic island for the korean honey-mooners and adventure tourists. Impressive waterfalls, motorcycle tours in the rain, hiking up the volcano.