Meet the team



photographer & director

His studies in marketing cou­pled with more than 15 years of pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence in the artistic fields allow him to com­bine con­cep­tual and visual lan­guages har­mo­niously and effectively.




Joan has worked for magazines and movie production teams around the globe. She is an artist herself and realises the many ideas on-set with a lot of enthusiasm and passion.




Valentina is an experienced video editor and visual storyteller. She loves to put moving images into a emotional narrative.




Enno is an allrounder. His skills work well beyond the visible and he is an asset to any production team with his ZEN mentality.

Qualified by experience

Passion in images

We work with professional imagery since more than 10 years. We are based in Berlin and offer visual services for a num­ber of client projects and per­sonal works. We enjoy people and the many ideas that develop an individual and authentic look for our customers.

Experience in media

We have developed, produced and created dozens of projects in photography and film. Created Imagery for tv-commercials, image campaigns, websites, online stores, catalogues and business reports. We create images that speak every language.

assets of creativity

Since 2009 we operate a studio in Berlin. A place for us to develop and produce mar­vel­lous con­tent. Beside the physical assets our approach of Creative Leadership is constantly evolving with every new project and effort.

Fun in Languages

Beside images a flu­ent mix of Span­ish, Eng­lish & Ger­man as well as life experience in Africa, Asia and Latin America con­tinue to inspire our work trajectory towards projects which unite reason and aesthetics.

Experienced in Quality


  • 2015

    digital display and book publication in Exposure Award | Portraiture Collection, shown at the Louvre, Paris

  • 2015

    1st prize, Epson Digigraphie Umweltfotofestival “Horizonte” Zingst

    shown at Epson Gallery, Zingst

  • 2011

    solo exhibition: Lost in Paradise
    portraits and moments from Asia
    Gallery Fango, Cottbus

  • 2003-2010

    various group and solo exhibitions


  • 2015

    EXPOSURE AWARD | Portraiture Collection

  • 2014

    SWPA – worldwide press release

  • 2012

    AMAZING AZORES | photo book

  • 2007

    Künstlerische Fotografie heute

  • 2003 – 2015

    publication in various newspapers and magazines including Wall Street Journal, Spiegel, Agora 42, NZZ, The Telegraph


  • BERLINALE 2015

    event documentary

  • Builford

    product photography and videos

  • i-potentials

    portraits of management and consultants

  • Ideal insurance

    manager portraits, event and pr


    fashion collection

  • Kostal GmbH

    executive event and pr imagery

  • Thesis digital

    executive portraits, office and pr imagery

  • Tibet Initiative

    image trailer & campaign videos