Hey everyone

I'm Alex & media is my playground

At heart, I'm an artist; this identity fuels my passion and gives me the freedom to immerse myself in projects that truly fascinate me. However, my journey isn't just defined by art. I hold a degree in Business Administration and have spent several years contributing to academia, sharing and expanding my knowledge at the university.

This year marks a double celebration for me - 15 incredible years running a creative studio in Berlin and 20 years as a proud 'solopreneur' in Germany. These milestones reflect my journey of combining artistic vision with entrepreneurial spirit.

What keeps me going? It's the search for the aesthetics and beauty in the small things, capturing life's diverse moments through my camera lens, and the thrill of brainstorming ideas and watching them unfold, step by step.

It's this blend of creativity, exploration and practical execution that I bring to every project and every client.

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