Studio Alexander Klebe

Let us create images you can see and feel.

Hello, I'm Alexander, I specialise in creating compelling business portraits, vivid artistic images and immortalising significant moments. Through a lens of authenticity and genuine connection, every portrait is a step towards revealing your true story.

Berlin Photographer
Manager Portrait
Artist Portrait Photographer
Documentary Photographer
Musician Photographer Berlin
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    Elevating your business to a brand?

    Perception begins with projection & caption.

    If you're on the path to transforming your business into a recognizable brand, you're in the right place. With over twenty years of seasoned expertise in the media realm, I'm here to navigate you through the nuanced interplay of visuals in marketing and business. Let's embark on this creative expedition together, where your vision meets visual storytelling.

    Seeking inspiration and strategy?

    Where artistry meets enterprise

    At the core of every artist's heart beats a dream: to turn passion into profession. Fulfilling that dream requires a kind of creativity that's not only cultivated, but channeled into lasting achievement. Let's unlock that potential together, combining your artistic vision with strategic insight to create a legacy that lasts.

    From Berlin to the global stage

    What can I do for you?

    Together, let's transform the realm of creative enterprise. Your art possesses a distinct voice—let's elevate it to echo across the business landscape and reverberate globally. Whether you're in Berlin or beyond, our collaboration will ensure your artistic expression is not just heard but felt universally.