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For hundreds of years images have transformed the way we see each other. But it also showed, that we don't need more pictures, but better ones. That cannot be really achieved with expensive camera gear or experienced process only, but with the connecting minds behind and in front of the lens. Because at the heart of photography is connection.

Photography is a portrayal of life.

As a photography studio based in Berlin specialized in portraits for artists and business owners we create imagery for various brands, products and people. We love to explore visual spaces with a fresh view for the essential.

Some of our projects have taken us to uncommon places. It is the unknown that fascinates, to discover its aesthetic a mission. Photography is a tool to communicate, an universal language understood by heart and emotion. We love to speak imagery. A small collection of good memories, Formative-Impressions. Moments, which in their own way enrich the collective memory.


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