Berlin on ice


My dear Berlin, a city of lights, of beautiful people and places to discover. This is my kind of ‘hommage’ to a city that never sleeps and where the magical moments seem to happen to those who wait for them.

When I was putting these photos online I felt like I had relived this beautiful year twice. Once, when being out there and living it and the second one selecting these photographs from a collection of series from this year in Berlin. Many myths are ranked around Berlin as being the creative capital of bliss for tourists and artists. Personally I must admit, that I don´t see as much from the nightlife, because the nighttimes are the best for post production work. Yes Berlin is crazy and has a lot to offer, a lot of contradictions and many faces. Portraying this city will never be done in one year and maybe this project is only a beginning, one that takes it first step here and becomes vividly representing the beautifil city of Berlin and its people. Thank you so much for your sugarfree sweetness: BLNgold