Simeon Mountains, Ethiopia

The past 15 days in Ethiopia were quite an impression, which I won´t want to miss as part of my life experience. The people are one of their kind and always worth a little interest in their lives, as they gladly show themselves and what they do. This little herdsman I found while being on a trek in the south of Gonder in almost 3000m of altitude. He reminded me of the story of Caldi, who was a Ethiopian herdsboy in the Caffa region. His goats were pointing him to the magic of the coffee beans and their stimulus.

While being in Ethiopia I also visited the coffee plantations in the Jimma region, with the help of Carl Cervone from Technoserve and his team, we were able to get in touch with the coffee farmers and get insights into their field of business and daily challenges. For example the challenging 6km mud-walk from the local market to their co-operative center. The whole coffee-story is unfolding even more, now that I am back in Germany and working on the video documentary on the coffee business. I am especially interested in alternative trade models like Fairtrade Coffee or the Coffee Circle, who operate a different model straight out of Berlin.

Maybe it is even time to rewrite my diploma thesis from 2007 on the Marketing and Monitoring of Fairtrade. But to be honest, I believe that a small documentary movie can have a much greater consumer impact, than a scientific and abstract work.