Painting, a long lost childhood passion of mine, was the focus of my artistic retreat in Colombia. For 4 months I was dedicating myself to really see the different shades of green, experiment with the different structures and materials from nature and a lovely co-creator, my wife Joan.

We took our “studio” with us, travelled with canvas and colours in  planes, on public transport and in the taxis. We painted with materials we found in the nature around us in the national park, on the coast or in the mountains. We painted day and night and as our travel and relationship evolved our work did too.



“El Barco encantado”
acrylic on canvas, 110 x 46 cm
by Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe



“El cuerpo del Amor”
acrylic on canvas, 120 x 110 cm
by Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe



“El Arbol de la vida”
acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm
By Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe



“El valle de la Canela”
acrylic on canvas, 150×166 cm
by Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe


"lionheart" 2013, 50x50cm by Alexander Klebe

acrylic on canvas, 50×50 cm
by Alexander Klebe


“El Pueblo” 
acrylic on canvas, 166 X 88 cm.
by Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe