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Music Video for Stereochemistry

We are proud to present our latest video: ECHO LOVE for Mrs. Stereochemistry.
The story looks into the cycle of life, of loosing, trying to run away, finding peace and receiving the gift of being reborn on another day revealing the key to let the pain free.

We started the production process with some scene sketching, costume ideas and drone testing. Finally after over a year of creative turn-arounds the video finally premiered. The first reviews are not as bad as the inner critique might imagine. The way was a creative journey with tons of blessings thanks to the team behind the product.

Directed by: Alexander Klebe
Production: Ocean Studio Berlin / Stereochemistry
Editor: Karla Hajman
Art Director: Joan Imitola
Costume Designer: Joan Imitola, Simone Klebe, Karla Hajman, Olga Heldwein
Drone Operators: Stefan Hentschel, Ilya Morgan
Animation: Julia Kotowski
Origami Artist: Clemens Ahrndt
Fashion Consultant: Maicol Herrera
Director of Photography: Alexander Klebe